Our business is almost exclusively wholesale sales. We sell to Retail Dealers and promise them an exclusive territory. We will only supply one shop or gallery in an area or community, so that each Dealer has the only place DeBrady's work is available for purchase. These Dealers can supply all the products shown in our website, plus an additional large variety of items that are only available through them.

If you are interested in becoming a DeBrady Dealer, please contact us - but first consider the following conditions:

WHOLESALE SALES are EXCLUSIVELY for retail resale. It does not matter how much you order, we will not sell stained glass products wholesale or offer any kind of discount unless you operate a retail outlet. We will expect you to prove that you are a legitimate retailer. The only exception is stained glass supplies sold to artisans using them to produce a product for sale.

- We will not deal with resale agents in any way. If you are not the operator of a retail outlet, or using the product to produce something for sale, we will NOT sell to you.

- To become a Dealer, we expect your shop to be large enough to set up, and maintain a significant display. We have learned that our work only sells if there is a reasonable selection for the customer to pick from. Displaying only a few items is a waste of time and space. We expect first orders to exceed $500.00.

- first payable with Mastercard or Visa. Future orders net 30 days on approved credit.

- We will only sell to one Retail Dealer in an approved area. You will have an exclusive area in which no one else will be selling DeBrady's products.

- Goods can be returned for creidt exchange. We hope that anything you can't sell, will be returned to us - instead of offering it for sale at a discount.

- For shipments within Canada and continental U.S. the charge is 10% of the wholesale price with a minimum charge of $20.00. Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska are charged 15%. Or if you have you have other shipping preferences please CONTACT US.

- We will ship freight collect from either Victoria or Vancouver, B.C.

- We will drop ship to anywhere you wish. Give us the shipping information and we will ship the item from our stock. That way you get the sale but still keep your original stock and don't have to order a replacement item. We charge the following for packing and freight combine.

Minimum charge $20.00
To Canada or continental US 20% of retail selling price.
To Hawaii or Alaska 25% of retail selling price
Other destinations by advance quotation only.

SPECIAL ISSUE - From time to time, we produce a "Special Issue" Limited Edition item of which we offer only a set quantity. These will offered at 50% off the suggested retail price to our Dealers - for 30 days before they are offered for retail sale. Anything still unsold after that will be posted on our website for retail sale. They can still be ordered by you at the wholesale discount price at any time they remain unsold.

SPECIAL ORDERS - Sometimes, your customers will ask you, "Does Debrady make a smaller one?" The answer to that is almost always no - because what they usually really mean is "Do they make one exactly the same but cheaper?" And making it smaller does NOT reduce the cost. It's the opposite - making it smaller usually INCREASES the cost. Generally we do not do commissions or special orders unless it is just a small variant of a catalogue item (like in a different colour), a very large order, or it is something extraordinarily special that we take on as a challenge. An example of such a challenge would be something like the Special Issue or One of a Kind models we make.

GENERAL - It is important to the Brady family that we establish and maintain strong personal contact with all our Dealers. Many of these shop owners have been buying from us since the birth of DeBrady Glass and we have come to consider them close personal friends. If you are considering becoming a Dealer of our work, we would be pleased to provide an introduction to some of our existing Dealers so you can discuss with them personally how well they have done selling our glass.